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Estate planning can benefit both you and your heirs

An out-of-state attorney wrote a column about how estate planning should concern living rather than dying.  Considering the fact that retired individuals are now attending college and looking for new areas in the world to explore, the idea that estate planning is only about preserving assets that can then be passed on to one's heirs is an outdated notion.

Passing on the family farm to the next generation

As Minnesota is so dependent upon agriculture for its livelihood, there is increasing concern that farmers will not be able to pass the farm on to their next of kin.  Without the ability to pass the farm on from generation-to-generation, startup costs may make it prohibitive for many to continue on with the practice.

Modern families may have unique estate planning needs

Over the last few generations, the face of the American family has changed. For example, many people are getting remarried and creating blended families that include children from previous marriages, in addition to the potential of children brought into the family during the new marriage.

Suit contests change of executors in actress' estate plan

Deciding who will be named executor of an estate can be a tricky process. Some people know very quickly who would be willing to carry out the terms of a will. At the same time, others might take more time to identify the right executor.

Benefactor's estate shows lasting power of charitable trusts

As a person prepares to make an estate plan, he or she will obviously think of the most valued things in life. For many people, family and close friends immediately come to mind. In other cases, some people also place a high value on benefitting certain causes. As such, it is possible to include estate planning tools for the purpose of charitable giving.

The holidays can be the time to discuss legacies, estate plans

Getting together with loved ones during the holiday season is something many people look forward to. Of course, many Minnesota families will beat the cold with a meal and gift giving. At the same time, the holidays can provide the perfect chance to have quality conversations with family members.

Dispute over New York Dolls executorship isn't child's play

Determining who will be appointed as executor of an estate is a very important aspect of estate planning. The person who assumes this role is responsible for ensuring that payments are made from the estate according to plan. Failure to uphold this duty, in accord with a will or relevant Minnesota estate laws, can cause serious issues for beneficiaries.

Inheritances can be protected by Minnesota trusts

Most Minnesota residents can see the logic in having a will. However, a will is only one part of estate planning. Many individuals may need trusts in order to ensure inheritances are protected on behalf of heirs and beneficiaries.

When does Minnesota's estate tax take effect?

There may be a general perception that complex estate planning is only for particularly wealthy people. Realistically, that's not the case. No matter how sizable a person's assets are, it may be important to designate beneficiaries in order to reflect personal wishes, rather than inheritance laws enforced by the state government.

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