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Should You Ever Say "No Thanks" to an Inheritance?

It might sound crazy to think anyone would or should ever turn down an inheritance. In some cases, however, there are good reasons to say "no" to a bequest. Here are just a handful of reasons why a beneficiary might choose to decline an inheritance.

5 Common Family Estate Planning Conflicts

When an elderly loved one requires ongoing care and assistance, it's common for family members to disagree about caregivers, the type and frequency of care, and whether the older loved one should remain at home or live in a residential care facility. Additionally, many families delay making these important decisions until an aging loved one is critically ill or unable to live independently. In these stressful times, family conflicts are far too frequent. The following disagreements are among the most common.

Estate Planning for Blended Families

Divorce and remarriage are part of life for many people. In fact, a recent report reveals four out of 10 Americans identify as being part of a "blended family." Whether you, your spouse, or both have brought children from a previous marriage into a new union, it is important to consider how your family situation affects your estate plan.

Inheritance Rights of a Child Conceived after a Parent's Death

It wasn't that long ago that couples who experienced infertility struggles had very few options. Now, reproductive technology has evolved to a place where people have a wide variety of options for planning and growing their families.

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