St. Paul Long-Term Care Planning Attorneys

Individuals live longer today than ever before and escalating medical costs make health insurance expensive. However, many individuals fail to consider how they will continue to pay for health care costs into their old age.

At the law office of Jeffrey P. Scott & Associates LLC, our attorneys encourage clients to make long-term care planning part of the estate planning process.

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, our law office represents individuals throughout the Twin Cities.

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Minneapolis Medicaid Planning Lawyers

Due to the rising costs of health care, many individuals rely on government-funded programs such as Medicaid to provide care in their old age. However, spend-down techniques are often necessary to help individuals qualify for Medicaid. Individuals must be proactive in order to protect assets and pass family legacies on to the next generation.

At the law office of Jeffrey P. Scott & Associates LLC, we help individuals take advantage of estate planning tools that allow them to qualify for Medicaid, preserve assets for spouses and other family members, and ensure their long-term care needs will be met.

Looking Out For Clients' Long-Term Interests

The cost of health and nursing home care can quickly deplete all but the largest estates. When individuals do not have long-term health care insurance, other estate planning techniques may be necessary to ensure their old age health care needs are met.

At Jeffrey P. Scott & Associates LLC, our attorneys help clients create estate plans that safeguard their future interests. By creating comprehensive estate plans that include nursing home planning and disability planning, take advantage of long-term care insurance and protect clients' assets through trusts and strategic gifting, we are able to ensure our clients are well-cared for in their old age.

We also help individuals obtain guardianships and conservatorships for elderly relatives who are no longer able to care for themselves or manage their finances.

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